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Power Is Not a Four-Letter Word

Power has gotten a bad reputation. Too often, we equate power with tyranny. The very word conjures up feelings of discomfort, even fear.
We have all heard that everyone deals with grief in their own way, and that we must do it. This emotion is usually associated with a loss of someone we love, but it is more evasive than that. Grief is something we experience even when we perceive an upcoming loss of a marriage, job or money, for example. Many children grieve during and after a divorce and their behavior reflect the emotion. Grief can make us say and do things that are out of character for us. It can cause us to withdraw from loved ones or supporters and depression or fear feels like the norm. Worry is one of the feelings that lead to grief and if left unchecked and exaggerated can leave us feeling lost and alone.
Experience the elation and fulfillment of achieving a goal you can be excited about by setting boundaries when you set your goals. Learn how to set boundaries to add the structure and commitment to maintain focus day after day thereby improving your end results.

How to Confront Without Conflict

Whenever we think about conflict, we tend to think of it in a negative connotation. Yet conflict can be good. Here's why. Conflict fuels innovation. It helps take good ideas and make them great...
Facet joint pain is a symptom of a problem. While we want to end the pain, the only way to keep it from returning is to find and correct the underlying cause...
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