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John Sherman is currently studying and practicing Neuromuscular therapy and metabolic typing at the Institute of Human performance. John is also an avid Martial artist, recently completing his "Uchi Deshi" (Live in student) - 2 years living, training and breathing Koyokoshin Karate. He is also one of the newest Accomplish:Life resident authors. Keep an eye out for more from John on Self Help

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Talking about your “soul” and the deeper things in life is so frequently considered as spun out or weird in modern, take-away-eating, order-it-on-the-internet life, but if you are one of these people, you’ll find that letting go of socialistic trends like these will free you in a way that you simply cannot be freed in a materialists world.


The end result is inner peace that no material possession could ever come close to. No, really.

Acknowledging Emotions and Feelings

We’ll begin with a question:


What is a moral?


I'd say it's something you have an intense feeling or emotion about, generally so intense you would never cross its boundary.



When it comes to life in general, 90% of us feel the need to loose weight or change the way we look in some way.


Once we’ve undertaken our fitness quest for weight loss or hypertrophy, usually after the first week or two we find that the energy required to do so is becoming harder and harder to conjure...
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